Welcome to 
The Cowboy Church of Oregon

Healing the Sick...casting out demons... setting the Captives free...   proclaiming the Kingdom of God is at hand!
Boots, Hats & Bibles... Welcome here!

Go to Tuesday's Word to watch live service.

Pastor Tom Crabb... 541-954-7470

Starting November 1st : We are going to start sending out a News Letter, from the “Cowboy Church of Oregon”  
Susan & I will write a letter each month, to share with you the prayers & plans we have for the coming month. 
 Natalie may have a note for the Cowboy Kids… 
We will share coming events for the month and everything news worthy that pertains to you and our church. 
We will also be sending this letter to our friends and families around the Nation.  
God Bless you all, Pastor Tom

P.S. Let Darla know if you want to be on the mailing list.